How training will affect Commercial Vehicles sales?

Updated: Mar 1

In order for a Sales Consultant to sell his product aside from that he has knowledge on what product he will sell, he should know first his target market or target consumer. For example; the product is truck, the sales consultant should consider many factors upon selling the truck. Like for example in one company, there’s a need to buy a truck for the operation of the business. So before the sales consultant will go to that company and introduce his product, he should first analyze or rather have complete knowledge on the different factors and people affecting the decision making on buying the product.

First, from the perception of the Workshop Manager; the Workshop Manager will consider if there’s a damage in the truck or if there’s a need to change the spare parts, is the spare parts are available? or is there is enough fast consumable parts stocks available in the market. Aside from the Workshop manager, the decision of the Fleet manager is also import

ant. He is the one who will consider the budget of maintenance of the truck, the times of breakdowns and the duration of the use of the truck.

It is also important to know the idea of the “Loader” before buying the truck because he is the one who knows what is the capacity or the body specifications of the truck. If the truck is accessible to use it especially in terms of loading and unloading a certain product inside the truck. As for the Quality Manager, he is the one who will check or test the performance of the truck. He will make sure that upon using the truck, it will not cause damage to loaded product. He will ensure that the product will be delivered safe and in good condition upon arrival in their final destination.

The Driver and his assistant plays a very important role in the decision making of buying the truck. They are the one who will personally use the truck. Driver considered many factors like the accessibility and comfortability of the truck. Is the truck easy and comfortable to use? The breakdown times and causes or is the truck could be driven for a long distance and in case there’s a damage, is there a ready tools or spare parts available that can be use or replace the damage. One more thing is that driver is the one who will know or determine if the truck has a good quality regarding the performance of the truck. A truck that he should be proud of to use and contented. The Project Manager is the one who will make and analyze the overall budget and the operation cost on buying the product before passing it to the Owner. He should gather all the necessary information and details especially the budget plan for the fixed and running cost and to calculate the profitability and feasibility of the truck before he will report to the owner.

The Owner will do the final decision on buying or not buying the truck. First, he will consider if buying the truck is profitable to the company. Owner always consider the profit not to lose money. And secondly, if the product will give him peace of mind. It is not about buying a cheaper product that is not performing well. Buying the truck should make him satisfied and useful and most importantly it should be profitable to the business of the company.

It is very important to train the sales consultant to study and analyze his customers as well as to complete know his product features, advantages, and benefits from different perceptions of personnel involved in buying decision. -So, a question is rising up here: what the difference between selling a Commercial Vehicle and selling a Passenger Car?


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